25 March 2012

From the pumpkin patch

It’s a brave soul who will demean a gardener’s pumpkin patch, so it was quite an honour that the host had cleared it out for the band to have a spot to play. So was the story recounted. We were standing on cement; I think pumpkins have runners. Goss4 was playing a gig in a back yard in Yarralumla. It was a Garden Party and all were dressed appropriately. I wish I had pics of some of the women in flapper attire. It was a luscious and playful era and the 20/30-something dressers were dashing and attractive – men and women. It’s nice to see the generations. This was a 30th birthday and I reckon there were 4 generations present. The band dressed too, but we can only be so grand. Here’s a pic. Nice playing, though, and nice wine, nice company and surprisingly nice weather. Much enjoyed.

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