12 April 2021

It's the sex wot does it

It's a sobering experience to see those people admire your jazz but sit to it, then jump up for a DJ pop music set.  After those 10,000 mythical hours of practice it has come to this.  Now it's not all so dire.  Jazz is an intellectual form, more listened to than physically imbibed and pop music is more the immediate emotional response, the sex to the art's intellect.  But it's fun to do a DJ set and fun to jiggle with the dancing audience and it took nothing like the years of practice: just a few YouTube videos and browsing a manual and some pretty cheap gear and a search for funky CDs.  If I were being political, I might think of DJs as the music of neo-liberalism: never mind the art, feel the pay.  So, best just to recognise the differences than to question the outcomes.  They are different.  But doing the DJ sure was fun, even if our jazz set was one to be proud of, as good as we get, playing with space and interaction and harmonies and polyrhythms.  But sometimes the sex just wins out. 

Tilt Trio are James Woodman (piano), Dave McDade (drums) and Eric Pozza (bass).

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