03 June 2021

Touching on history

Duty calls.  I'm recording at Wesley.  This was again artsong and this time very interesting for its exploration over time.  We started with traditional Schubert lieder.  Amusingly, it was said of Schubert that he idolised Beethoven but Beethoven couldn't write Schubert when he wrote song.  Then Richard Strauss and into French chanson by Debussy, impressionistic in style and portraying modern French poetry.  Then to mid-20th-century American, with lyrics by Browning and composition by Amy Beach.  It was a fascinating passage.   Michaella Edelstein sang and Robert Schmidli accompanied.  Again, a strong combination.  Michaella has a past at the Sydney Con and then sessions in Verona and Munich and performances in the Utzon Room at the Opera House, amongst others.  Now here in Canberra: a warm welcome.  Robert has a history of performance around Canberra and further afield including a several on CJ.  So, a wonderful strong voice with a delicate and detained piano accompaniment.  Impressive.

Michaella Edelstein (soprano) sang and Robert Schmidli (piano) accompanied at Wesley.

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