11 August 2005

More venues lost

Tilleys announced it's pulling otu of regular live music. Tilley's is famed, and offered a pleasant, dark, sophisticated environment which attracted some very big international names. The mix of music was eclectic - blues, jazz, folk, etc. But some of the names were fabulous. Thanks to Tilleys, but such a loss.

As I understand it, Canberra Southern Cross Club recently cancelled an upcoming Jazz Club event (a mini festival) and it seems they may be pulling out of their 25-year support for jazz. CSCC was a good (if fairly sterile) environment for lots of good jazz when I first came to Canberra. They've been relegated to tame series of festivals with obvious names and traditional interests recently. Not all bad, but not at the challenging end of the jazz spectrum. I don't feel this as a particular loss, but apparently it's indicative of the closing live music venues around Australia.

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