12 October 2007

Kurrajong suits

Megan and I caught the Mike Price Trio - Mike Price (guitar), Eric Ajaye (bass) and Col Hoorweg (drums) - for a few tunes before dinner tonight. Mike, Eric and Col are faculty members at the Jazz School, so we can expect capable playing. We got it: superbly relaxed and so confident. They’ve been doing it for years and it shows. The Kurrajong is an old Canberra hotel (at least old for Canberra) set amongst the key departments of state, and just next to the Liberal Party Headquarters. Perhaps that’s why it was a fairly quiet night, with the Liberal Party close to an election and potential oblivion. Normally, it’s all suits and cocktails at this hour. Get along for quiet, restrained and satisfying standards. A well kept secret of Canberra: the Kurrajong from 5.30pm Fridays.

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