22 December 2007

Nice to get out again

It’s nice to be out gigging. It’s been a long while between drinks, but I’ve managed a few gigs recently and there are good chances of more coming up. The pic is Trio Toucan playing a few days ago at JusQytly restaurant in Manuka. We got in a several originals along with better known Real Book tunes, so that was a double plus. Hopefully there’ll be many more gigs, but I’ll do my best to keep up CJ over the next year and promise not to feature my own bands too often.

Please keep me informed of gigs for the CJCalendar, regular or one-offs, and if there are any budding authors out there, get in touch. I’m happy to publish articles and pics on jazz in Canberra and break the tedium of Eric’s ongoing musings. For now, have a great Christmas and New Year, and looking forward to another year for jazz in Canberra.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the write-up Eric. Got to spread the Toucanite message somehow! Was a pleasant evening, notable for the smokers outside jingling along to our swing and the misty-eyed couple 10 metres away who appreciated our musical condiments.

A couple of coffee goers also sat in for a listen, as did the vanguard of our friends - one of whom had the hide to wave a $50 note in front of us!

That RealBook is a dead giveaway in that photo - we only used it for one tune so that pic must have been taken while playing "So What".

It was good to bring jazz to the streets of Manuka - any band's presence in 'Berra adds to the overall feel of things happenin'.