16 May 2008

Break a leg, Sally

Sorry for the late notice, but here's a broadcast to check out this weekend. Sally Greenaway will be conducting the JazzGroove Mothership Orchestra on ABCFM this Sunday. In Sally's words:

"The Mothership Orchestra and APRA got together and created a big band composition competition (which will become a yearly event). The comp was open to Australian and New Zealand residents aged between 18-42 yrs. As far as I'm aware, I am the only girl, and the youngest finalist in the competition. Two of the other finalists are lecturers (one at the Tasmanian conservatorium and the other New Zealand Conservatorium), and the third one is a guy from the QLD con. So I'm up against some stiff competition!

I spent 3 months writing and rewriting and revising this piece ["Falling of Seasons"], but there is still a lot of work for me to do ... I am so thrilled to bits that I get this chance!

I will ... direct a short 1 hour rehearsal with them [on Sat 17 May] and then Sunday 18 May at 5pm I will be conducting them at the Finals Concert at the Eugene Goossens Hall (the concert is open to the public) and this will be broadcast live on ABC Classic FM's Jazz Track with Mal Stanley (this live broadcast also starts at 5pm)..."

To find out more about the competition, visit www.mothershiporchestra.com

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