19 July 2008

A quickie at Rydges

I’ve written recently about Aron Lyon playing with Bill Williams and Ed Rodrigues at the Belgian Beer Cellar, so just a pic. Fridays at the Rydges Manuka are one of their standards nights. I heard All the things you are, a latin, a blues; I particularly liked You don’t know what love is and Solar. Nice and comfortable, but capably played. Lots of solos all round, and sweet instrumental clarity at low volumes. Nice stuff.

There are a growing number of bands playing out these days, with bars and hotels getting in gear for the Christmas season. It’s early in the season so the night was quiet, but the location is comfortable and drinks are not outrageous. CJCalendar is expanding with bands playing around town.

BTW, this is post 250 for CJ. Thanks to my few mates who have helped out. Keep reading!

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