21 September 2008

Miriam’s at it again

Thanks to indefatigable Miriam Zolin. Miriam’s the energy behind the National Jazz Writing Competition. She’s now launched a journal of writing on jazz: extempore. Issues will be published twice a year (May and November) and the first will be launched at this year’s Wangaratta Jazz Festival. Each issue includes a sampler CD of Australian jazz. I notice our own local poet and jazz supporter, Geoff Page, is involved (I understand he’s the poetry editor). It’s great to see teams of jazz supporters working together. Jazz is a demanding personal commitment for the muso, but we are stronger on the business side when we work as a community. Check out the extempore website for more info on Miriam and her new journal.

Here are the contents for the first issue:

John Clare shares his Diary of a Rock and Roll Jazz Fan | John Shand on music and the beautiful corpse | Peter Jordan on jazz in the media | Sascha Feinstein on Kenneth Rexroth | Miriam Zolin and Jim McLeod interview Paul Grabowsky | An interview with Jim McLeod | Michael Webb interviews Sandy Evans | Adrian Jackson interviews Shannon Barnett | Peter Wockner interviews Aaron Flower | We talk to Marios about their support of the jazz scene in Melbourne | book reviews by John Clare and Adrian Jackson | poetry by Geoff Page, Allan Browne, PS Cottier, Andrew McDonald | anecdotes and poetry by Tony Gorman | winning short stories from the 2008 National Jazz Writing Competition | prints by John Ryrie | photographs by Mark Peterson and Natasha Blankfield | art by Bruce Petty

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