5 February 2009

Once more unto the Lodge

Again, Kevin Rudd presented local jazz associated with the ANU School of Music for his reception at the Lodge on Australia Day. Again, CJ was able to help out by providing names. This year it was Hannah James who got the gig and led the band on the day. Looks like it was a good band, too, with Ed and Luke and Niels: all impressive players. Also, no doubt a responsive backing for Jessica Mauboy, who I am told sang the national anthem. Apparently JM was a winner on Australian Idol. Excuse my ignorance of pop culture: I recognised the name, but not why it was known. But I don’t think I was the only one.

I can’t write up the performance. I wasn’t invited (although my next door neighbour left afternoon drinks at our place to attend … hmph … stood up for the Prime Minister). But no doubt the band did a good job and had a good time, and it’s a nice one for the CV.

Hannah James (bass) led a band with Niels Rosendahl (sax), Luke Sweeting (piano) and Ed Rodrigues (drums). Jessica Mauboy did her nationalistic duty and sang the national anthem.

CanberraJazz.net : jazz by appointment to the Prime Minister

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