24 May 2009

Soulfull farewell

I hear the Soul Bar is closing its Friday evening gigs next week, hopefully just for the winter months. It’s a comfortable little venue and short evening gig for a Friday afternoon, to entertain the Woden APS consort who drop in for drinks at week’s end. I played there last night with Toucani, and it was memorable for me – a first gig on the double bass. Double bass is a lovely sound for jazz, and really much more true: softly spoken and deep. It was a pleasant night with Daniel, John and Mark Body who sat in in the absence Brenton interstate, playing standards and several originals by Daniel and me.

I missed the ArtSound live broadcast, but heard a little of Dave Rodriguez (guitar) playing standards with Bill Williams (bass) and Ed Rodrigues (drums), playing as the Dave, Bill and Ed Trio. They are a great little trio with a long residency at the Belgian Beer Café and so considerable experience in playing together. This is their band to honour and explore the standards, in the tradition of Bill Evans, or the band they mentioned as a current influence, Gilad Hekselman Trio. Lovely, soulful standards played with the close interaction that comes from a regular gig. Sorry I have no pics of the night.

Daniel Wild (piano), John Baczynski (tenor), Eric Pozza (bass) and visitor Mark Body (drums) played as Toucani.

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