31 May 2009

Smooth or funky, whatever

I played with my smooth jazz cum 70s R&B outfit, Stolen Moments, at Pangaea today. It was cold. We were inside, but once the sun went down you remembered what Canberra winter was like, although the light rain reminded me of Melbourne. I enjoy this popular style: the Sinatra cool, the steady walks, the Jobim bossas and Nicky’s tongue in cheek Peggy Lee and Dusty Springfield and the like. I was playing double for the first sets, but strapped on the electric for last R&B set. I get a feature on Higher and higher and just a little one on Sade’s Smooth Operator. Otherwise, it’s finger funk playing: solid sixteenth note syncopation and long rests for drum fills, and I like it immensely. We’ve got a great little outfit, although James was missing today on sax. Peter plays all manner of keyboard sounds, although mostly piano for this outing. Mick is a sharp and rock-steady drummer who ornaments with wonderful precision, and Nicky was upfront with her alluring alto voice. Good fun and much enjoyed.

Stolen Moments was led by Nicky King (vocals) with Peter Kirkup (keyboards), Eric Pozza (acoustic and electric basses) and Mick Schow (drums). James Hoogstadt (tenor) was missing on the day.


Bjohn said...

Is the Pangaea a steady gig?
I am home again for two weeks soon and would love to catch some live jazz!!!
A little short here in Kazakhstan

Eric said...

Bjohn, Check out the calendar at CJ - http://canberrajazz.net Tues at Trinity is recommended. Pangaea is doing jazz but also blues styles these days. Also recommended Niels R at Hippo 17/6, Tom Vincent Trio 12/6 (contact me at CJ for an address), Lethals Hippo 11/6 and Adam G Trinity 10/6. Eric

Sue T said...

Sounds like something I would enjoy Eric. Let me know next time you perform - particularly with the vocalist. I do like some words in jazz!