06 December 2009


“Sorry but I'm in Paris at the moment.” That’s the coolest reason I’ve ever given for turning down a gig. But last week Dirk made another offer that I couldn’t refuse and I had a great time. Just Dirk, Graham and me – tenor, guitar, bass. But we got some solid swings and decent latins going, we enjoyed some long and slightly indulgent solos, and we had a chatty loud audience that was having a good time and let us have our head, so all was well. It was a Real Book repertoire. I was impressed that Graham jumped at one of my favourites, that lovely if syrupy ballad, Out of nowhere. And I enjoyed playing a Charlie Parker’s Blues for Alice that falls constantly through 2-5s in various chromatic changes. I played my double bass, but also took the opportunity to bring out the old Maton fretless which has sat in the cupboard for years and deserved the outing. Graham had his toneful semi-acoustic Gibson and old Fender amp, and Dirk’s horn was shiny and no doubt slick and perfectly set up. The melodies flowed easily and the communication was simple and effective with the slightest of glances. As it should be. Excuse the indulgent entry but the night deserved it: a gig that was very much enjoyed. Thanks to Dirk and Graham.

Eric Pozza (bass) sat in with Dirk Zeylmans (tenor) and Graham Monger (guitar).

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