29 March 2010

Resolve it on the 1

The QSCollective was out again for a pleasant Adore Tea gig. This time it was the core of Peter, Brenton and Eric with Joe Taylor sitting in on tenor. Joe’s inventive soloing was intriguing for the band, and I guess was considerably challenging for the audience, but was well received. Peter noted that it changed the way he played on the day. The dissonant lines called for clear harmonic definition at times, but also taunted us to respond in kind. I, too, like to break away on bass lines. In this context it’s satisfying and rooted just to state the changes, but also an aural extreme sport to go feral with chromatics or pentatonic substitutions. It can be like walking a vibrating pathway, but it works (can work?) when you resolve on the 1, and it certainly provides an alternative to diatonism. But it wasn’t all so out. There was some sublime swing with a gently paced standard, There will never be another you. I rediscovered the lovely ballad, Bewitched, and put a name to Rollins’ angular tritone blues, Blue seven. And I enjoyed the opportunity to replay an old favourite modal latin piece, Little sunflower. On the other hand, our Beatrice never really settled, despite its being pretty interesting and pretty, and I liked God bless the child with the 12/8 bluesy feel but Peter wasn’t so sure. I enjoyed the open sound of a sax trio for Blue bossa, and the ostinato line that Joe requested for bass on Softly as a morning sunrise opened up a new, if obvious, line of exploration for me. And I got to introduce Joe to a cute old favourite, Bluesette. Thanks to Joe and Peter and Brenton for a very enjoyable gig.

The Quiros Street Collective (QSC) comprised Peter Kirkup (piano), Joe Taylor (tenor), Brenton Holmes (drums) and Eric Pozza (bass) and played at Adore Tea House.

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Anonymous said...

Where is the Adore Tea House? Please tell me when you are performing...I'd love to come if I can.