13 May 2012


I’m listening to the Faculty band on a stream as I write this: Giant steps, giant playing. I got in earlier for classical guitar players who I’d never previously come across. The School is renowned for its classical guitar component. But School Head, Adrian Walter, classical guitarist, is off to Hong Kong. Sign of more things to come. The classical guitarists had a mournful edge to their playing, I can understand given the event, but beautiful and insightful. Cold night, warm hearts, keep it up. The petition is at 17,553, has been growing steadily for days and continues. We are with you. Face the night. Luck to you all, the School and, for that matter, potentially bereft Canberra.

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Eric Pozza said...

I woke to Bach cello ... how glorious. Despite sub-zero temperatures. Well done to our musicians and the strongest statement. I also woke to hope of resolution on the front page of the Canberra Times. We live hope, and trust in the Canberra community.