10 February 2013


What a strange one! I was expecting to hear the Andreas Böhling Quartet at the Loft on Thursday, then I heard they were playing at Bite to Eat. It’s seldom that you can see a visiting international band several times and B2E is a lovely café and this was a Sunday afternoon, so this was hard to turn down. Here are just a few pics. I’ll be hearing them again, in a quieter environment at the Loft. I may even see them a third time, but that’s another story for another time. So I’ll take B2E as a relaxed outing. Suffice to say, this is a very competent band with contemporary originals and some great playing, not least from Andreas’ fluent, fast yet melodious alto. B2E is not a listening gig, with kids and food and drinks and chatter, but the band did draw attention and applause. They played a first set of originals, which was perhaps daring, then a more popular second set including standards, But not for me and Skylark. These were beautifully expressed with lively or redolent swing and quite fascinating in contrast to the more modern grooves of the originals. I realised how few recent gigs have mixed originals and standards. We left on perhaps the last tune, a flying bebop. This is a capable and lively band and I look forward to the listening gig at the Loft. See you Thursday. Andreas Böhlen (alto) led a band with Sebastian Böhlen (guitar), Jakob Dreyer (bass) and Severin Rauch (drums).

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