18 February 2013

#3, reading the tango

It amused me, to catch every Canberra gig by a visiting international band. I knew early of Andreas Böhlen playing at the Loft, but the Bite to Eat gig was unexpected, then to be invited to another gig when I was free, a performance for the Tango Social Club of Canberra was amusing.
In the end, I didn’t take Megan, but it was a pleasant outing and I learnt lots about tango from, what, the President (?), and I caught Andreas, Sebastian and Jakob obviously working hard reading the dots. Tango is an enchanting dance with a fascinating history and committed adherents. The gig was at the Bogong Theatre at the Gorman Arts Centre. Not big, but nicely intimate, age ranged and partner swapped (thinking only of dancing partners, of course). I was intrigued by female legs twisting around male ankles and the sinuous flow of this dance around the floor. It was hard work for the band, though, obviously concentrating on the dots and carefully checked by a dancing audience that demands the groove stays right. A short outing and intriguing. The band’s now off to Melbourne and Bennett’s Lane so there’s no gig #4. Next time will just have to be in Hamburg… Andreas Böhlen (alto), Sebastian Böhlen (guitar) and Jakob Dreyer (bass) played for the Tango Social Club of Canberra at the Bogong Theatre.

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