11 March 2013

Friday night on the town

Megan and I got out for a few (just two) drinks and to catch some mates playing around town: a nice end of week outing. First was the Hyatt to sit in the garden for a touch of turntablism with trumpet/flugelhorn accompaniment.
Jonty Hall plays with trackster (am I anywhere near the language?) “Jungle” Jerry Francis as Stereotype in the Möet bar. Möet it was for Megan (pleasant but you can guess one reason why only one drink). But the ambience was relaxed and the shadows of a setting sun were superb. We liked the music, too. Mainly house dance music, minimalist, clean and some R&B female vocals and occasional solos or accompaniment by Jonty that I heard as shades of ‘80s Miles. And some remixed Simon & Garfunkel. Given the music, this was an unexpectedly mature audience, at least this night.

Maybe they were at Mint. The basement was open as a one-off venue and it was filled with 20/30 somethings. Now, this a strange venue and the sound was pretty, well, industrial, with bare cement and low ceilings. But this was fun, with UV lighting and yellow vests handed out at the door (staff wore red) and reasonable prices on drinks. The band was as good as they come for such a corporate gig around this town: Rachel Thorne, Greg Stott, Mike Dooley, James Luke, Dan McLean, Dan Bray and Mark Sutton appearing as In too deep. Two sets: first jazz; second pop/funk with James switching to e-bass. Triste, Autumn leaves then Midnight hour, Superstition, Cissy strut (?) and a devilishly arranged take on the Beatles’ Money. And it only turned out that Gossips singer Leanne Dempsey was involved in organising the gig, so here’s a pic with Rachel.

It was an early night but a bit of dry fun. Nice way to relax at the end of a week’s work. Stereotype were Jonty Hall (trumpet/flugelhorn) and Jerry Francis (turntables). In too deep were Rachel Thorne (vocals), Dan McLean (trumpet/flugelhorn), Dan Bray (tenor), Greg Stott (guitar), James Luke (acoustic, electric bass), Mark Sutton (drums) and Mike Dooley (keys).

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