01 September 2013

On the town

I managed just a quickie at Ronnie Scott’s. The Tube got me again with its early closure, but before then I managed a walk through an incredibly busy evening from The Strand to Soho and Ronnie Scott’s. This was a warm night in the middle of summer and London now has extensive malls filled with a vibrant night life. I expect the pursuits are earthy rather than intellectual but it’s exciting none-the-less. It was the jam session night at Ronnie Scott’s in the bar upstairs. The opening band were hot boppers and seriously impressive. The jam started as I left, so little more to add, but what I heard was very good. Standards, yeah; hot, yeah; Monk, Bird and the like. Nothing unexpected; jazz jams are the same the world over. I’m sure it went into the early hours, but that damn Tube continues to frustrate me. I’m told of late-night buses from Leicester Square but too late to investigate for this visit. Andy Davis (trumpet) led a quartet with Nigel Price (guitar), Mark Lewandowski (bass) and Saleem Raman (drums).

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