27 August 2014

Shedding time

I had an hour or so to pass near West Village. First stop was Fat Cat. Not jazz this evening, but a female vocal trio singing R&B-cum-gospel in the Motown style. Nice voices, great harmonies, a scream or doo-whop every now and then. Backed by a guitar trio. Going down well and much danceable pleasure. The band was Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens of Brooklyn. I guess it that’s Naomi in the middle in the pic.

Still a few minutes, so I took a peek into the Garage (not to be mistaken with Jazz Garage; this one is an eating establishment with a bar and largely background jazz). The band was led by Michika Fukumon (piano) with Eden McDonald (bass) and Bob Francis (drums). I just heard a fast take on I feel pretty and the ballad Somewhere (both from West Side Story). Nice playing and I particularly enjoyed Eden’s tasteful, lyrical bass solo.

Just Some pics

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