26 September 2014

Playing the Diplomat

It was a night of many concerts in my CJCalendar and I had to give up my ticket to Australian Haydn Ensemble to play, but that's OK. I had a great time. I gigged with Joe Taylor and Alex Carder. I had been expecting to play with Dirk and Graham. Either way; these are all fine musicians. This was a cocktail gig, playing background jazz. Joe blew me out with calm professionalism, lovely melodies and some devastating flourishes. Alex laid out lively and light solos and the swing was easy and strong and he was open to communications and smiles. This was just standards, but with lots of solos, often extended (I don't always take three of four choruses. Remember the joke about how to get people talking: start a bass solo). Two sets. Communications were good and most tunes felt clean and ended neatly. Most tunes. I had a great time. Thanks to Joe and Alex and to Dirk for the initial invitation.

Joe Taylor (tenor), Alex Carder (piano) and Eric Pozza (bass) played at the Diplomat Hotel.

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