13 October 2014

ANU's mix-tape

ANU School of Music presented its annual showcase concert last Friday. We came in a little late so missed DRUMatiX. I find it a fascinating mix of rhythms and percussion pitch so I was sorry it was up first. We walked in during something which is new for the ANU school - a popular music ensemble. This was called Eponymous which was not at all eponymous. It reminded me somewhat early psychedelia, apt given that I'd heard of the final Pink Floyd album release only that day (they are finally giving it up) and I always think of PF pre-Dark side when they were floaty types with absurd covers (think Atom Heart Mother cows). Then the Jazz Ensemble, singing gospel and ballad and a sunny finish. Nice voices, stronger on females as usual and some good front line performances. The Experimental Music Studio followed. I assume this comprised a good deal of (classical) improvisation. I especially liked the declarative voice and the free-cum-classical crossover piano. The classical/chamber stream followed interval. Firstly, the Guitar ensemble with is acoustic twang and Spanish aliveness. Then an attractive trio of flute, bassoon and clarinet, with the bassoon playing every bit the accompanying bass part, and a duo that I'd heard before at a recent lunchtime concert, soprano Jelena Mamic accompanied by pianist Anne Ewing performing four songs by Menotti. Then the Chamber choir, again heavy on women, led by Tobias Cole, performing Vivaldi, de Lassus and a fascinating time-study by Tobias himself with numbers as lyrics and commendably sung without charts. Then the finale with the ANU Chamber Orchestra performing some very recognisable pieces, movements from Mozart's Jupiter Symphony and Mendelssohn's Italian Symphony. Both were very comfortable and hugely attractive pieces and no-doubt essentials on the repertoire. We left with a light step. Nice.

Also, just a pic of Michael Dante Mori, former US Marine lawyer representing Australian Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks. Mori gave a presentation before the ANU SOM Showcase for the Law School.

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