26 October 2014

Happy returns

Meg Corson was a foundation member of Idea of North and an early Canberra Jazz School graduate. She's now done the sea-change (to the country) and I've noticed she's been visiting recently to play with old mates, Greg Stott and others. They went through the School together so there were musical memories but with much developed professional skills. This was a seriously nice duo. Meg with her confident phrasing and firm voice and overseeing presence; Greg accompanying with bass lines and finger picking or naked solos holding the tune against some finger snaps from Meg. I only caught part of one set and got some terrible pics in the low light (best one above), but this was highly competent stuff. BTW, those school memories included Angel eyes, Nice work if you can get it, Skylark, You'd be so nice to come home to and Lover man. Meg Corson (vocals) and Greg Stott (guitar) performed at the National Press Club.

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