22 October 2014


Another Lunchbox concert at ANU. It amused me that I spoke to one muso after the performance and she spoke of nervousness, but it's common enough, even for a small audience of friends like this. Common but an essential step in a musician's development. Again, there were four items on the program -, three duos and one soloist. First up was Clara Barrs and Lauren Giddy performing Mozart Violin sonata in G major, K.301. Not unexpectedly, this was a lovely and dignified thing with courtly presence and considerable wit. Then Paul Broomhead accompanied by ANU staffer Calvin Bowman Anthony Smith playing the final movement of Franck Sonata in A major arranged for flute. More modern, impressionist, occasionally dissonant. I enjoyed the different and strong tone of the flute and admired Calvin's confident accompaniment. Then Stephanie Jones playing two pieces for guitar, Sor Variations on a theme of Mozart and Albeniz Cordoba. She played unhurriedly, with facial and musical expression, a wealth of dynamics and a sharp tone and I thought a subdued volume. Very involving. Then a heavy work, Ying Li and Katrina Rivera playing the first movement of Brahms Sonata for two pianos in F minor, Op.34b. This was heavy (grand and substantial) as expected and quite a change after Mozart and Spanish guitar tones. I enjoyed the task of identifying the two players, playing similar instruments but taking different roles and expressions throughout. The return of the Lunchbox concerts (especially ones I can get to) is valuable for the students and a great way to pass an hour on an occasional Tuesday afternoon.

The latest ANU Lunchbox concert featured Clara Barrs (violin) and Lauren Giddy (piano) playing Mozart, Paul Broomhead (flute) and Calvin Bowman Anthony Smith (piano) playing Franck, Stephanie Jones (guitar) playing Sor and Albenitz and Ying Li (piano) and Katrina Rivera (piano) playing Brahms.


Anonymous said...

Calvin Bowman is nowhere to be seen in these photos - the piano accompanist for the flute player in the second photo is Anthony Smith. Please credit him in your review.

Eric Pozza said...

My mistake and my apologies. Thanks for the advice. Fixed now. Eric