30 January 2015

Art interruptus

It was Maddie, a friend of Deb's, who had some pics in an exhibition at PhotoAccess and the opening was last night. We went for the chatter and the wine and the pics. In the end, plenty of chatter but I feel the need to return to better check out the photos. Launches are like that: social events as much as, or more than, artistic events. We chatted with Maddie and Jules and Deb and Claire, who had introduced the exhibition. And Paul Livingston (of Blues pics fame) and Brian Stewart(of Cyberhalides jazz pics fame), both free of VPL (Visible Photo Lens) on the night. I was one of few with a camera and that was only for snaps. I enjoy photography and once toyed with it seriously (esp. Cartier-Bresson and many others for composition and Ansel Adams for zone theory). Now I just enjoy an interesting photo with good composition, or alternatively displays of good technique. So, a pleasant evening but I'll have to return to form an opinion on the photos.

Madeline Bishop (photographer) exhibited two photos at the PhotoAccess Light Years exhibition. Light Years is selections from the life work of Lin Richardson (1927-2014, photographer) with reflections by six contemporary photographers.

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