27 November 2015

Another goal

It was Simon Milman's Goal to Hurl again, this time in the noisier environment of Hippo with his less experimental repertoire. I just looked up my last writeup of G2H at Hippo: the band was the same, and obviously so were several tunes. All written by Simon and developed by this band. Fabulous band; great and varied tunes. Original tunes are such a pleasure after endless Real Book charts (as good as they are) and these were of a style and era that's a favourite of mine. What styles? Swing, groove, ballad, slow groove, calypso, reggae, a Nino Rota amusement (something like a polka 2-feel), something in 6, something intervallic with a slow 2-feel, a fast post-bop reharmonised blues and a slow dotted-feel with country openess to finish. Witty, informed, varied. Always with a strong bass groove, embellished drums, some ecstatic high guitar (one solo took the sound of a single note organ line - astonishing and unexpected but fitting) and Tom's huge, bluesy tone and unforced chromaticism. Totally different from their outing just days before, playing experimental guided improv at Ainslie Arts Centre. Such a great pleasure.

Goal to Hurl are Simon Milman (bass, compositions), Tom Fell (tenor), Matt Lustri (guitar) and Luke Glanville (drums). G2H played at Hippo.

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