9 November 2015

CDs and live

Now this was fun. ArtSound had its annual open day. There was music and wine tasting and sausage sizzle and a book and CD fair all day. I indulged mightily in CDs: quite a splurge. Wayne Kelly was there with Angela Lount and Dan McLean. Tony Magee and Dave O'Neal were in a trio with fiddle and three harmony voices and it was magic. I wondered if our jazz might be too heavy, but it worked OK sprinkled with Beatles (And I love her) and Nirvana (Teen spirit). Otherwise it was mostly hard bop with two feels and walks and solos. But it's nice to go to air, to have someone to introduce you and an audience. Nice outing. Thanks to Chris and ArtSound for our first AS broadcast.

Tilt played for the ArtSound Open day. Tilt are James Woodman (piano), Eric Pozza (bass) and Dave McDade (drums).

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