13 November 2015

Here there and everywhere

It sometimes happens that musicians are fairly obvious, and not just to other musicians. At least they are when they are carrying a violin case. I sat across the aisle on the plane to Adelaide and chatted with Julia (of the violin case) who turned out to be from the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. So we discussed Beethoven and bowing and the rest, as is my habitual conversation these days (sorry to Julia). But I got an invitation to the Adelaide Symphony playing a light concert in its home, the majestic Adelaide Town Hall. It took me back. I saw a few classical concerts there in my university years and even some jazz (not least Dave Brubeck on this very stage). The concert was light but Mum and I enjoyed it a great deal. A decent orchestra playing for its fans. The program was a selection from ABC FM's Classics 100 list, chosen by the subscribers. The start was 6.30pm for an early evening. The title was Classics unwrapped, all popular classics, mostly single movements or excerpts. This is not the exact order, but it started with Vivaldi Spring and included Smetana Moldau, Pachelbel Canon in D, Massenet Thais Meditation, Khachaturian Adagio for Spartacus and Phrygia, Elgar Cello concerto 1st mvt, Brahms Hungarian dance no.5 Gmin, Beethoven Symphony no.6 F maj Pastorale finale, and an lively encore (don't remember which). We knew every theme, of course, but I hadn't matched titles to every theme. Not too taxing for players or audience, but entertaining and easy and an early night. Guy Noble conducted and he was similarly popular and svelte of voice and just a little suggestive for a modern audience. I looked out for Julia and watched basses and admired the decorated hall. We met with Julia and chatted after the gig. She'd played Mozart in costume, masked and bewigged (as in Venetian Martedi Grasso = Mardigras) with a string quartet a few nights before in this place: booked for a commercial dinner or some such. Such is the life of a professional musician. The costumes looked great in the pics on her mobile. Much fun and hilarity, I expect. Small world. Hi to Julia. Enjoyed the concert. And on the way to the car we heard a little trio playing Corcovado to a small audience in a pub in Franklin Street. No names, but the singer's voice suited very nicely.

Guy Noble (conductor) led the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra in a Classic unwrapped concert of music chosen by the audience from the ABC FM Top 100 list.

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