05 February 2017


Mike and Richard are currently playing fortnightly on Friday nights at Muse Restaurant in the East Hotel, Kingston, so I took the opportunity to visit and sit in for a few tunes. Luiz, one bassist at this weekend's SoundOut Festival, was staying with me so they got 2 bassists for the price of none ($0). But it was fun. I played some jazzers and perhaps one bossa. Luiz played bossas and one or two jazzers. Luiz is Brazilian born and raised so this was interesting. I got some hints on playing bossa more true-to-style (less driving, more relaxed, play the anticipation, perhaps meaning less samba) and all round the outing was a pleasure. Strange to see Luiz, who I know as an experimental player, performing bossa, but then he is Brazilian. Nice. Interesting also to play jazz without amplification. Hard work.

Mike Dooley (piano) and Richard Manderson (saxes) play fortnightly as Aloft at Muse Restaurant. Luiz Gubeissi and Eric Pozza (basses) sat in.

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