12 March 2018

Our turn to Enlighten

Thanks to CJ's Belgian foreign correspondent for a few pics. Foreign correspondent? Well, Neal has reported for CJ from jazz festivals in Belgium. This time, Neal and Anne Gowan turned up at our Tilt gig at ANU Enlighten and provided some videos. Nice to see friends at a gig although I find it the most nerve-wracking of any visitors. It was a perfect night for it; the PA was supplied; there were lights and even B&W movies projected above us; we enjoyed playing. I played double and was enjoying it so much I didn't manage my funk-switch to e-bass. We met various audience, not least a Swiss PhD student of dwarf galaxies over for a visit to Mt Stromlo. He'd just flown in, learning of the hell of the flight to/from Europe, and told of being amazed by the local wildlife. Europe's left that way in the past. Enlightened.

Tilt Trio played at the ANU Enlighten festival. Thanks to Kathryn Wells for pics. Tilt are James Woodman (piano), Dave McDade (drums) and Eric Pozza (bass)

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