15 April 2018

A teaser

Just a note to go with this pic. This is Rookwood Ensemble in rehearsal. RE will be playing at All Saints on 29 April for the Heritage Festival. I was lucky enough to have been invited to play. I was particularly taken in by the music, a Vivaldi concerto (Dmin, RV541) but especially a Bach concerto (for oboe and violin, BWV1060R). The Bach is a piece I know well from ABCRN Late Night Live, a perennial listen of mine. So I was hooked. It's also the first time I've played with a pipe organ, meaning tuning can be skewed by temperature and more, and the first time I've inhabited the organ loft for a gig. All interesting and the music is a dream. More after the gig.

Rookwood Ensemble play Bach and Vivaldi at All Saints Ainslie on 29 April.

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