26 April 2018

Golly Molly

Molly has moved and this was the first gig we'd done in the new venue. One only knows the location of this speakeasy by its lat&long (unless you have Google maps). Anyway, we found it. The entry is suitable discrete, under the period light in Odgers Lane. Up the stairs past the bank vaults, opening into a larger space than before with a larger array of whiskies but still dark, still noisy. Comfy. Now there's a grand piano (old but decently tuned) and a PA and a stage. Tilt had a great time. The dark must suit us as we played hard from the start, ranging through our transcriptions and standards and originals. The audience seemed to especially respond to the hot numbers. It was loud but the whole place is loud and our addition didn't seem problematic. Maybe Molly tilts with Tilt. Whatever, it was a great night. Hot and hard work but much enjoyed.

Tilt played at Molly bar. Tilt are James Woodman (piano), Dave McDade (drums) and Eric Pozza (bass). Thanks to Richard Pozza for pics.

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