24 April 2018

Sunday jam

We have three regular jazz jam sessions that I know of in Canberra at the moment but it's the Sunday afternoon one that most suits me. I'm busy Sat arvos and Wed evenings. So this Sunday I got to Smiths. It was inside, preparing for winter, so on stage, later with Bevan and his PA. The band playing when I arrived was Wayne Kelly, Anthony Irving, Mark Levers and Sandy Ekert. Sandy on tenor was new to me. I sat in for a few tunes. Andrew Howard sat in on djembe and later on drums. The tunes were a string from the fake books: Impressions, Caravan, Just friends, Nardis, interestingly Horace Silver Peace which is so beautiful but unexpected here. I'd missed Alone together and no doubt other common tunes. Anthony is playing a storm. Wayne is the stalwart and centre of easy confidence as always. Andrew's djembe were very cool, capably offering some percussive richness. Sandy was new to me but comfortable with the charts. Mark is ever-reliable. Add a beer and a techo chat with Bevan and it was a very pleasant afternoon outing. They could just do with a few more jammers.

Wayne Kelly (piano), Anthony Irving (bass), Mark Levers (drums), Sandy Ekert (tenor), Andrew Howard (drums, percussion) and Eric Pozza (bass) jammed at Smiths

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