19 May 2018

Best of company anywhere

I was unavoidably late for Miro's amusingly named local band, the Burley Griffins, but was hugely gratified that I made it. The BGs are Miro with John and Hugh and Brendan and Mark. A local jazz supergroup if ever there was one. I amuse myself by wondering what some of the Indie acts or listeners think as they enter or pass by Smiths hearing this intense, virtuosic music in evidence. This is music that would comfortably grace any jazz festival stage and it's just a Thursday night in Canberra. I came as they were playing some simply structured bluesy hard-bop of '50s style. I was floored to hear this clarity and relaxation with intensity. Brendan settling the groove but with easy augmentation; Mark all percussive enumerations; Hugh adding restrained colour and rhythm; Miro's melody; John's intensity and overwhelming harmonic excursions. These days it's from another era but it's music all raw but hugely elaborated and deeply intellectual. Bird said it with his practice all day then forget it all and just play. Then one of Miro's originals of deep beauty, his meditation in 9/8 called Dakkar. Then some seldom-played masterpieces of the modern era, Zawinul In a silent way and Wayne Shorter Pinocchio. Then to end, the uber-common modern jazz standard, Footprints. I missed the adventure of the earlier tunes , but they played Footprints with a ravishing energy that again stunned me. So, a night with the locals. I know how good they are but it's still a surprise. Why is it so? Another stunner at Smiths.

The Burley Griffins were led by Miro Bukovsky (trumpet, flugelhorn) with John Mackey (tenor), Hugh Barrett (Rhodes), Brendan Clarke (bass) and Mark Sutton (drums) at Smiths.

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