22 May 2018

Not shirking, waving

You can't say Maruki Orchestra shirks at challenges. After all, it's a local, community orchestra but it takes on the big, real works and gathers them into intimidating programs. This concert was a star example. First set was Mussorgsky Night on Bald Mountain, a demanding, often virtuosic tone poem with all manner of feels throughout. Apparently telling a story of a gathering of witches: the assembly; chatter and gossip; Satan's cortege; Black mass; Sabbath. Then a symphony, no less, before interval. This was a little cutie, Bizet Symphony in C major, written when he was aged 17 and only performed after his death. It's a lively thing, pretty, reminiscent at times of horse riding. I thought little of it early on, but it grew on me. Then interval and afternoon tea. Then the continuation of an unusually built program. Bach Concerto for Oboe d'amore BMV1055r played by Ben Stewart. Bach is deceptive, sounding lithe and light and bouncy so apparently easy, but it never lets up and there are always some tricky phrases. No less here, especially in the quick first movement. The second is lovely; the third quick again but more malleable. Ben did a great job on his first concerto outing on this relatively rare instrument. Then, to finish, the most challenging piece of the day, Elgar Enigma variations. Everyone knows Nimrod, of course, and it's deliciously inviting. Enigma is a work of 14 variations on a simple theme that's outlined first up with each movement is dedicated or influenced by someone known to Elgar. Some are hugely tricky or quick or varied. There are accelerandoes to cause fear and polyrhythms and all manner of intricacies appearing to just disappear with another variation. Not easy but well known. The orchestra always rises to performance, playing remarkably better on stage. Not professional, of course, but presentable. The feels were solid and time didn't drag although some intonation wasn't quite perfect. But a worthy outing and an excellent immersion in a huge classical program. Thanks to John and all.

Maruki Community Orchestra performed Mussorgsky, Bizet, Bach and Elgar under John Gould (conductor) at the Albert Hall. Ben Stewart (oboe d'amore) soloed in the Bach concerto.

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