20 May 2018

Pizza with the lot

Of course, Italian pizzas aren't offered "with the lot" - they are far more refined and tasteful than that. But I was surprised to find our pizza at Antica Ricetta in Manuka came with a singer from Milano. Just vocals with a backing track from a mobile phone. We caught a string of standards, Night and Day, Cat Stevens, don't remember the others, with a delightful northern Italian accent and that certain seriousness the Italians give to having fun. Nice. Mara Presti was the performer and the pizzas were great and the grog (6 Italian beers; a string of Italian wines) was all Italian at reasonable prices so I was happy.

Mara Presti (vocals) sang at Antica Ricetta pizzeria in Manuka. My apologies: I originally misnamed the restaurant as Antica Rustica. It's actually Antica Ricetta and the change is in place.


Italian said...

There is not restaurant called antica rustica, the right name is Antica ricettA

Unknown said...

Thank you si much Eric Pozza. See you soon. MarađŸ€—đŸŒ·đŸŽˆ