17 January 2019

Hot jam

It was hot. Australia has been sweltering with some of the highest temperatures ever recorded. 48.9, 49.0; Canberra was just 41C that day and there was a cool merciful breeze outside at the Old Canberra Inn. John Mackey was there with Leisa, Ben, Mark, Peter, Hugh and more; interestingly also Con Campbell, who now teaches in Chicago but went through the Jazz School in its Manuka days. I have him on CJ only once before playing with Wayne Kelly at ArtSound. I got to sit in on three or four tunes, mostly with Hugh and Con. And interestingly, later to try out Peter's EUB, a wonderful Eminence very comfortably and effectively fitted with Corelli and a Realist copperhead. And throw in some good beers and good company, and it's a great night out. Recommended. The weekly jam session at Old Canberra Inn, each Wednesday night 6.30-9pm. Free entry.

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