22 February 2019

Fun all round

That was fun. I filled in for In Full Swing, the long standing Canberra Big Band playing in Dickson for the Swing Katz. One practice, lots of charts, a two hour gig featuring a string of tunes (~40) all dots and syncopated hits and too many repeats that weren't clear enough for this newbie with these charts. My excuse! But great songs from Sinatra and the rest. It was pretty voluminous. Why is it that fun and loud so often go together? My poor ears can't take it so well anymore. The band is perhaps 20 people in standard big band formation: rhythm section; three lines of horns: saxes, trombones, trumpets; male and female singers. It's normally led by Beth Way and was for my one practice, but she came down with the lurgie so various others managed it on the night. I was mostly too busy reading to watch the dancers, but the best, most committed, of the Swing Katz are a pleasure to watch, with their jazz Lindy hops and acrobatics and the rest. Thanks to the band and my ears are still ringing.

In Full Swing Big Band performed for the Swing Katz "Op Shop" social (appropriate attire requested). Beth Way (musical director) usually leads.

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