11 July 2019

Prep no.1

It was perhaps the most responsive and intimate rendition of piano music that I can remember. Maybe just because this was Aaron and I know him and we've heard him before, many times; or maybe the intimacy of a small venue and front row; or maybe that he's studying the pianism of famed virtuoso Busoni and playing Liszt and that just demanded it. Dunno, but this was an eye-opener. The pauses and dynamics and rich complexity were legion but everywhere apt. I was left feeling I understood piano performance that much more. Maybe Bach wouldn't be played quite so, but this felt intimate and personal and heartfelt and so apt. Aaron is running up to his PhD recital and this is one of two concerts at Wesley in preparation: there's another next week. We are blessed. This week it was a full Liszt program: Hungarian rhapsody no.5 Emin; Valse a capriccio sur deax motifs ... de Donizetti; Polonaise no.2 Emaj; Hungarian rhapsody no.13 Amin. Richly emotive music played with deep purpose and understanding. I don't know how or when it gets better, although Aaron did mention he's still working on Busoni. So be it and give me more. Till next week!

Aaron Chew (piano) performed Liszt with reference to the pianism of Busoni.

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