01 March 2020

Getting out

I've had a quiet few weeks but it was a lovely day and the jam was on a Smiths. It's a nice time, Sunday afternoon, for a beer and a relaxed chat. This time I got in a few good chats and a few tunes, not least a few ballads with a female singer (name unknown) including the Nearness of you. Also truly lovely. Anthony and Peter were on bass. I met Jay Lee and spoke to him on his Brazilian Choro and his drawings. I've watched a string of people drawing jazz players so it's good to see the craft in Canberra too. His pen pics appear often enough on FB. So, a wonderful way to wile away and warm afternoon post-smoke

Smiths Jazz jam is held weekly on Sunday afternoons, 1-3.30pm. Jay Lee (guitar, pins) portrayed.

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