09 November 2020


Thanks to George for asking me to record Georgina.  I've watched Georgina for several years and played with her occasionally but as is with youth, she's blossomed.  She's now in her honours year in violin performance (UQ) and seeking entry to a Masters program.  My recording is a help towards that.  How they play!  She performed with accompaniment by Anthony Smith, so this was a mighty pairing with some unique music.  First up, a movement from Saint-Saens Violin concerto no.3.  Then some solo Bach from his Violin sonata no.3.  Then the odd one, Ravel Violin sonata no.2.  Why odd?  Just not at all like baroque or classical or romantic.  This had growls and rhythmic grooves and the like.  Some reminded me of modern US music, perhaps even country.  I guess that was the growls; the grooves perhaps suggested funky something or other.  But so nicely played all around.  Nicely intoned, alive and vibrant, fast and sometimes furious, delicate and formal as required.  I can just hope she takes a Masters spot.  I cna only imagine she deserves it.

Georgina Chan (violin) performed a recital with accompanist Anthony Smith (piano) at Wesley.

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