28 May 2021


It was another tough outing to record at Wesley.  Well, I jest, of course: it was a great pleasure.  Today was current CSO Kingsland Resident Artist, Lucy Macourt, playing with accompanist Anthony Smith.  I say mixtape with some truth, given a violin solo Piazzola tango etude to start and an arrangement of Gershwin Summertime from Porgy and Bess to end.  But the core was most of the program and it was nothing like this: Cesar Frank and Fritz Kreisler.  The Kriesler is well know, his Praeludium and Allegro. Not so sure of the Frank Sonata in A major.  But both were a pleasure and quite a challenge.  Lucy did it all proud and loud.  She's not a meek voice on the violin.  Strong and determined and very definite.  I liked it.  Anthony is always a pleasure.  I do wonder how these accompanists do their job.  They must be great readers, especially given the complexity over varied lines and chords and hands on a piano.  All beyond me, but this was a great pleasure.  Then strangely, as I left, I saw a mate from FNCO and MdC, Sally, and it turns out she's Lucy's aunt.  Clearly a musical family; I wonder what that would be like.

Lucy Macourt (violin) performed at Wesley with accompanist Anthony Smith (piano).

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