21 January 2022

Jamming another way

Well the other way is obvious and it's jazz and it's there virtually adjacent on a Wednesday night: the Pro Jazz Jam at Molly.  The hosts are a blast and the sit-ins are no slouches either, or a t least most.  I came in with James Luke and Con Campbell with sit-ins on drums and guitar and another guitar.  I sat in a little later, then Greg Stott and Steve Richards came back to end the night.  Both guitar and drums sitting in were classy acts; students I guess, but reliable, interesting, knowing the expectations.  The second guitar was an earlier style but again capable.  There was an e-bassist too, but I was chatting.  The final few tunes when Greg and Steve fell in were stunning.  Tight, quick, classy, all the lines clear and apt, some explosive tenor and blurting guitar and bass that was clear in intent and might quick and into the stratosphere, although only when it worked.  It just did.  The tunes were pretty standard; the performance was exemplary.  Did I mention I was impressed?  I was.

The host band at Molly's jazz jam was Con Campbell (tenor), Greg Stott (guitar), James Luke (bass) and Steve Richards (drums).

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