08 January 2022

Misc Melb

Firstly, I just arrived and who was playing in Bourke Street Mall than Wylie J Miller, slap funk looping bassist and singer and quite a decent entertainer. Of course we talked bass, again, his bass being an Alembic 5-string, Stanley Clarke model. He showed me the Victor Wooten signature on the back of head. Wow. This has character. I also noticed a very decent gig bag, fully needed. Great fun, funky slapping and effective loops. Always a pleasure, Wylie. I’d noticed the Alembic; he told me most people notice the coloured strings. I understand! And a discovery at Federation Square later that day. The girl statue is a match for the NYC Fearless Girl by Kristen Visbal, the one who who stands up to the charging Finance bull. I hadn’t noticed it before. Nice to see the connection across the oceans. Wikipedia advises the Fed Square statue appeared for International Women’s Day 8 March 2019 and will stay for 4 years.

Wylie J Miller (bass) played in Bourke Street Mall.  The Fearless Girl statue is in Fed Square.

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