09 August 2022

Almost the hellbender

Sal was playing live at Old Canberra Inn on an otherwise quiet Sunday.  I hadn't heard of Sal and the Manders but the band was a guitar trio (Sal on guitar and vocals) and looked entertaining and energetic on YT and the beer's good at OCI.  So that was my outing, and apart from a close atmosphere and fears of Covid, I enjoyed it.  Sal advertises that she was turned on by discovering womens' rock like The Pixies, Joan Jett, Fleetwood Mac. Not close to my heart but pop-rock is always entertaining live.  And true to form, I only recognised some tunes and often needed a line of lyrics to search the title.   Something from Saturday Night Fever done very differently, You've got the love, Fleetwood Mac and I think Florence and the Machine, Amy Winehouse Valerie, and best and most intimate, Missy Higgins Scar, various others.  Much enjoyed.  Sal had classical piano in her history and had studied commercial music at the Con so there was method in her madness.  Just guitar and vocals and sellable tunes open to requests.  Sally Davis, much enjoyed along with the beer.  I must check out Sal and her Manders sometime.

Sally Davis (vocals, guitar) performed at the Old Canberra Inn on a Sunday afternoon.

PS, a hellbender is a family in the order Salamander (caudata) along with 9 others including newts, salamanders proper, lungless salamanders  and mud puppies.

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