13 October 2023


Another gig at OCI and a few visitors and sit-ins but that was not all.  We're playing differently recently, more varied, sinuous, changeable, and that's huge fun and satisfying.  I'm enjoying my solos all of a sudden where I'd been somewhat lost.  I have ideas why but not for here, but any muso knows the comings and goings of this game.   That's the nature of live performance , especially improvised jazz performance, but also for a band that doesn't play too often.  Summer is threatening and the audience at OCI is growing, if outside.  We had a few groups of mates, not least Annabel and Alysa and Cedric and Anna.  Alysa and Anna sat in for a few tunes in different keys, as is the way with singers.  All hugely enjoyable and somewhat a variation on the standard Tilt scene, although we often enough invite friends up to perform.  Also a visiting drummer from the days of the OCI jam sessions.  So much fun and quite successful.  We don't ask for much more.  As for the Dinant reference, that's the birthplace of Adolphe Sax and the destination of an outing with Alysa and Anna in Belgium some time back.

Tilt Trio performed at Old Canberra Inn with sit-ins from Alysa Ingles (vocals) and Anna Davies (piano).   Tilt are James Woodman (piano), Dave McDade (drums) and Eric Pozza (bass).

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