23 October 2023

Thus they save the churches

I'm travelling alone for in Frankfurt so another a day to fill. Not another museum (there are plenty) but I picked up a brochure with a suggested route through churches in the city centre so this was my task. Central Frankfurt was flattened by carpet bombing by the Allies in WW2 so much of the buildings are new and unimaginative, but churches were often not bombed so they could serve to orient bombing raids. They were still damaged and often under repair to these days, so luckily, valuable movable art was also stored for the duration. The result can be disconcerting: paper thin rebuilt history with some glorious historical art works. I also dropped in on a Book fair showing: just a line of books to peruse, but events to happen in the space later. Meanwhile, I also heard an organist preparing for a wedding, met the bride and groom as they entered, heard some very poor bell ringing (presumably first lessons) and had a decent chat with someone I shared a bench with. Thus is the sole traveller yearning for conversation. And today's busker was Oleksander Darmits on violin; nice. Just some pics.

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