02 September 2016


It was a great gig again last night at the Tradies. Very much enjoyed with some deep, even house-like, grooves in spots and some terribly daring displacements and chromaticism. What I call fun. No idea how we get away with it at a club venue, but we have a good time and it's obvious to others and that works. Some pop tunes help. We had quite an audience for the launch of our website, but my particular pleasure was to sit out for a few tunes and listen closely to Barney Briggs with James and Dave. He'll be covering me for at least one gig in October and his takes on Stella and Just friends, playing my Bitsa fretless JB, were a pleasure.

Tilt played at Dickson Tradies. Tilt comprise James Woodman (piano), David McDade (drums) and Eric Pozza (bass). Barnaby Briggs (bass) sat in.

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