04 August 2019

For starters

Tilt Trio played a lengthy gig at M16 ArtSpace. I was amused by a younger player recently querying a gig of 3 or 3.5 hours. Dave and I weren't fazed: we remember 4-hour gigs as standard. Those were the days... This was for the M16 gallery and artists' workshops open day, when the public can wander through the artist workshops, meet with the artists and discuss their works. We managed little other than playing although I did chat to one artist about painting beetles and attended a part of a session on perspective. This was our third annual outing at M16 and it's always a pleasure, but I was wary that this 4 hours of jazz preceded 1.5 hours of classical that night at Llewellyn. That's a day to dread and prospect and to enjoy in retrospect. Writing now, the day after, I'm quietly pleased. And the fact that I was using a new and satisfyingly mighty amp just adds to the pleasure. I took no pics so, to satisfy copyright, I've used this lovely public domain image, Francesco Botticini Head of the Virgin, from WikiCommons. It's art so close enough and it's drop-dead skillful and beautiful.

Tilt Trio comprises James Woodman (piano), Dave McDade (drums) and Eric Pozza (bass). Tilt played for the M16 Open day.

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