26 October 2022

More war

Stuart performed a piano concert to carry on Robert last week.  Another Prokofiev War sonata as the main work of the day, this one no.7 from 1939-1942.  (Robert's was no.8).  The years say it all: premiered as the Russian Army gained the upper hand in Stalingrad.  Three movements, first up brutal and unsettled then sorrowful and dark, then violent and tumultuous.  And that was just the first movement.  The second was more emotional, sentimental; the third was a toccata in 7/8, explosive and drenched with chromaticism.  All suitable for a war work and heavy and demanding.  Especially for Stuart.  Prokofiev was sandwiched by Scriabin.  To start, 9 preludes in 2 opuses.  All short, perhaps 1-2mins, but wonderfully expressive.  These were from a time of his influence by Chopin.  To end, an etude written at age 16, expressive and melodic.  A worthy pairing with Robert's concert of the previous week and some admirable playing throughout.

Stuart Long (piano) performed Scriabin and Prokofiev at Wesley.

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